New species of millipede named after EJT and CETAF


EJT vol 445 contains installment 7 of Henrik Enghoff’s monographic work “A mountain of millipedes”, which describes the (mostly endemic) millipede fauna of the Udzungwa Mountains in East Africa. In this 7th part, the author describes 22 new species of the genus Eviulisoma Silvestri, 1910 from the Eastern Arc Mountains (Tanzania).

One of these species is rather special to our journal, as Enghoff has dedicated it to EJT itself: Eviulisoma ejti sp. nov.!!

In the etymology section, the author writes: “The species name honours the European Journal of Taxonomy (EJT), in recognition of its immense importance for the dissemination of taxonomic research in Europe, and beyond”.

In the same paper, Enghoff also described E. cetafi sp. nov. in honour of CETAF, the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities. The European Journal of Taxonomy is endorsed by CETAF (

Many thanks, Henrik, for these very nice thoughts!