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The European Journal of Taxonomy is a peer-reviewed international journal in descriptive taxonomy, covering the eukaryotic world. Its content is fully electronic and Open Access. It is published and funded by a consortium of European natural history institutions. Neither authors nor readers have to pay fees. All articles published in EJT are compliant with the different nomenclatural codes. EJT is an archived and indexed journal that welcomes scientific contributions from all over the world, both in content and authorship. If you have any questions about EJT, please contact us

Natural history institutions are welcomed to join the EJT consortium and to get involved if they share the following principles:
- descriptive taxonomic research is essential to safeguard our planet’s biodiversity, and remains one of the core missions of natural history institutions and their staff;
- dissemination of original research, as well as the ability to use and reuse data as freely as possible is the key to innovation and further advancement of science;
- publishing is part of the research process, and natural history institutions should be able to preserve their in-house publishing expertise;
- scholarly publications should be made accessible to all, at no charge



EJT volume 500 now online!

On September 9th, 2011, the European Journal of Taxonomy published its first paper. Now, 7 years and 5 months later, volume 500 is published online. In these 89 months, EJT has published 1791 new taxa (1602 new species) in 17,400 pages (which is almost 200 pages per month). EJT is fully funded by a consortium of nine Natural History Institutes (from six European countries) and is thus still diamond open access (neither authors nor readers have to pay).  
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EJT publishes a new beetle species named after Sir David Attenborough


A new species of dung beetle from South America, Sylvicanthon attenboroughi sp. nov., has just been published in EJT 467. The authors Mario CUPELLO and Fernando Z. VAZ-DE-MELLO decided to honour the great British naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough "In recognition of his profoundly influential work on the public understanding of natural history and evolutionary biology, which, for more than six decades, has been inspiring young people of successive generations."

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No 532 (2019): Resolving the synonymy and polyphyly of the ‘Drosophila bakoue species complex’ (Diptera: Drosophilidae: ‘D. montium species group’) with descriptions of two new species from Madagascar


Section: Entomology; pp. 1–26, 9 figures, 1 table, 37 references;

accepted: 9 April 2019; published: 18 June 2019

Table of Contents


Amir Yassin, Arnaud Suwalski, Lala H. Raveloson Ravaomanarivo