The EJT consortium welcomes the National Museum of Prague


The EJT consortium proudly welcomes the National Museum of Prague as its newest member. This adds the Czech Republic to the group of countries that support the European Journal of Taxonomy, which now consists of ten institutes from seven European countries (

The application of the National Museum of Prague, signed by the general director Ivo Macek, to join the EJT consortium was unanimously accepted by the other consortium members at the Steering Committee Meeting of May 14th in Tartu (Estonia) and the president of the SC meeting, Prof Thierry Bourgoin (MNHN, Paris), welcomed the new member on behalf of the entire steering committee. The National Museum of Prague will contribute to the production of EJT in the person of Mrs Radka Rosenbaumová, who will be one of EJT’s desk editors.

The National Museum of Prague is the largest museum in the Czech Republic and was founded 200 years ago. Its rich collections document natural history, prehistory and history; not only of the Czech Republic but also of other parts of Europe and more distant parts of the world. Collecting activities are closely linked to scientific research.

The European Journal of Taxonomy is endorsed by CETAF and CETAF members can at all times apply for membership to the EJT consortium (contact for any information).