Nesrine Akkari is the new EJT topical entomology editor


After several years of dedicated work as EJT topical Entomology editor, Gavin Broad of the London Natural History Museum has asked to be replaced; owing to the fact that he has received several new duties at work. However, he will remain on board as the section editor for Hymenoptera. We thank Gavin for his past and future efforts, and wish him all the best in his new life!

The new EJT topical Entomology editor is Nesrine Akkari from the Natural History Museum of Vienna (Austria). We heartily welcome Nesrine to the team of EJT editors and desk editors and are much looking forward to working with her. Below is a short CV. Great having you on board Nesrine!


I am the head of the section Myriapoda at the Natural History Museum of Vienna since five years, where I curate one of the most important collections of this zoological group in the world. Previously, I did a postdoc at the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, starting one month after I received my PhD from the University of Tunis. My current research focuses on integrating various approaches to study the systematics of myriapods, combining standard methods, innovative imaging techniques and molecular data. I regularly publish on the taxonomy, cybertaxonomy, phylogeny and evolutionary history of different groups of both millipedes and centipedes. I described over 40 new species to science and the first cyber-centipede and millipede for the group. Besides my curatorial duties, I am currently giving lectures at the University of Vienna, supervise young students and since 2018, I am acting as the editor in chief of the ‘Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museum Wien’, besides being subject editor for a few other journals publishing on taxonomy.