Gavin Broad (NHM, London) is the new EJT Entomology Editor


The editorial team of the European Journal of Taxonomy is very happy to welcome a new member : Gavin Broad. Gavin is Senior Curator and Acting Head of the Insects Division at the Natural History Museum, London. Gavin Broad is the new Topical Editor of Entomology and is handling the review process of the Entomology submissions since January 2016.

Gavin is a taxonomist publishing mainly on the Ichneumonidae, a terribly large family of parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera). As well as producing many taxonomic publications, he gets involved in ecological and phylogenetic studies and in drafting regional checklists. Gavin has been curating the NHM’s collection of Ichneumonoidea and Vespoidea since 2006 and has been Head of the Insects Division since 2015. Previously he had worked at the Biological Records Centre, as coordinator of zoological recording schemes, after a PhD and postdoc at Imperial College London.

Below, Gavin Broad posing with Sir John Lubbock’s wasp.