Watch this site: EJT publishes the “DNA Library of Life” this coming February!


As from Monday January 30th 2017, EJT will publish in rapid sequence a series of 20 papers, belonging to a special issue on the “DNA Library of Life”. This special set of papers results from the project “Bibliothèque du vivant”, which was funded by three French institutions (CNRS, INRA and MNHN). The project ran between 2011 and 2013 and provided access to sequencing power, offered by the Genoscope ( to 105 research teams.

The 20 contributions that are about to be published by EJT deal with three scientific objectives: species delimitation in species complexes, phylogenetic/ phylogenomic reconstructions and metabarcoding. The papers cover a wide taxonomic and geographic range. Guest editors are Line LE GALL, Frédéric DELSUC, Stéphane HOURDEZ, Guillaume LECOINTRE and Jean-Yves RASPLUS.

This is the first time that EJT publishes such a special set of papers and we very much hope that our readers will enjoy this. Needless to say, all papers are in diamond open access and available to all.