Bathya brevicarpus gen. et sp. nov. (Amphipoda: Senticaudata: Calliopiidae), from hydrothermal vents, Okinawa Trough, North-west Pacific

Yan-Rong Wang, Chao-Dong Zhu, Zhong-Li Sha, Xian-Qiu Ren


One individual referable to Calliopiidae G.O. Sars, 1893 was collected from a chemically reduced habitat, the hydrothermal vent systems in Okinawa Trough, and was identified as a new genus and species belonging to this family after a morphological examination. A formal description of this new species and a discussion of the relationship of the new genus within Calliopiidae are presented.


taxonomy; morphology; Calliopiidae; new genus; deep sea

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