Additions to the Swedish fauna of Diplazontinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) with the descriptions of five new species

Keywords: parasitoid, Syrphidae, Homotropus, Sussaba, Woldstedtius


Although Sweden is a country with a comparatively well-known fauna, there are still many species that await discovery, especially in the boreal regions. In this study five new species of Diplazontinae, Homotropus klopfsteinae sp. nov., Homotropus hellqvisti sp. nov., Homotropus mugerwai sp. nov., Homotropus riedeli sp. nov. and Woldstedtius aureotibialis sp. nov., are described. Sussaba roberti Klopfstein, 2014 and Homotropus megaspis (Thomson, 1890) are reported for the first time from Sweden. Four of the new species are described from boreal areas, which highlights the need to further investigate the river- and seaside areas of the western taiga.


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