Two new species of planthoppers from India (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Delphacidae) in the genera Parasogata and Eoeurysa

Keywords: planthopper, morphology, distribution, identification, taxonomy


The genus Parasogata Zhou, Yang & Chen, 2018 is here reported from India represented by the new species Parasogata sexpartita sp. nov. collected in a recent exploration and survey of delphacids from Nagaland in northeastern India. A second species of Eoeurysa Muir, 1913 from India, the new species Eoeurysa sagittaria sp. nov., was found in Rampur, Una, Himachal Pradesh. Both new species are described with illustrations, and a molecular identification is given with the mtCOI gene sequence. A modified key to species of the genera is also provided.


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