Capalictus, a new subgenus of Lasioglossum Curtis 1833 from South Africa, with description of three new species (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae)

  • Alain Pauly Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels
  • Jason Gibbs Cornell University
  • Michael Kuhlmann
Keywords: taxonomy, Anthophila, new species


Capalictus, a new subgenus of Lasioglossum Curtis, 1833 (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halic-tidae), endemic to the South African Cape Province, is described. The type species is Halictus mosselinus Cockerell, 1945. Evylaeus (Sellalictus) fynbosensis (Pauly et al., 2008) is a new junior synonym of L. (C.) mosselinum. Three new species are described: Lasioglossum (Capalictus) hantamense sp. nov., L. (C.) tigrinum sp. nov. and L. (C.) timmermanni sp. nov. DNA sequence data from three nuclear genes support morphologically-determined species limits. Capalictus is a basal clade of the Hemihalictus series of Lasioglossum.

Author Biography

Alain Pauly, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels
Department of Entomology


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Pauly, A., Gibbs, J., & Kuhlmann, M. (2012). Capalictus, a new subgenus of Lasioglossum Curtis 1833 from South Africa, with description of three new species (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Halictidae). European Journal of Taxonomy, (28).