Revision of Dadagulella gen. nov., the “Gulella radius group" (Gastropoda: Streptaxidae) of the eastern Afrotropics, including six new species and three new subspecies

  • Ben Rowson National Museum of Wales Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NP UK
  • Peter Tattersfield National Museum of Wales Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NP UK
Keywords: Mollusca, Africa, Eastern Arc Mountains, Albertine Rift, biogeography


The genus Dadagulella gen. nov. is described to include 16 species of small, dentate, ovate-acuminate Afrotropical snails. An identification key is provided and biogeography, anatomy and systematics are discussed. The type species is the Kenyan D. radius (Preston, 1910) comb. nov., whose name has informally been used for part of the group in the past. Substantial intraspecific variation occurs in three species: D. radius itself, D. browni (van Bruggen, 1969) comb. nov. and D. minuscula (Morelet, 1877) comb. nov. (= Ennea fischeriana Morelet, 1881) (non Gulella minuscula Emberton & Pearce, 2000) . We recognise subspecies within each of these: D.radius radius (Preston, 1910) comb. nov., D. r. calva (Connolly, 1922) comb. et stat. nov., D. browni browni (van Bruggen, 1969) comb. nov., D. b. mafiensis subsp. nov., D. b. semulikiensis subsp. nov., D. minuscula minuscula (Morelet, 1877) comb. nov., D. m. mahorana subsp. nov. Six new Tanzanian species are described: D. cresswelli sp. nov., D. delta sp. nov., D. ecclesiola sp. nov., D. frontierarum sp. nov., D. minareta sp. nov., and D. pembensis sp. nov. The genus includes seven other previously described species: D. cuspidata (Verdcourt, 1962) comb. nov.; D. rondoensis (Verdcourt, 1994) comb. nov.; D. conoidea (Verdcourt, 1996) comb. nov.; D. selene (van Bruggen & Van Goethem, 1999) comb. nov.; D. meredithae (van Bruggen, 2000) comb. nov.; D. nictitans (Rowson & Lange, 2007) comb. nov.; and D. delgada (Muratov, 2010) comb. nov.

Author Biographies

Ben Rowson, National Museum of Wales Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NP UK

Curator (Terrestrial Mollusca)

Department of Biodiversity & Systematic Biology

Peter Tattersfield, National Museum of Wales Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NP UK
Research Fellow


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