Morphology and Taxonomy of Isopoda Anthuroidea (Crustacea) from Sulawesi with description of six new species

  • Manikmayang Annisaqois Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Sam Ratulangi University, Jln Kampus UNSRAT – Bahu, Manado 95115, Indonesia
  • J. Wolfgang Wägele Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Adenauerallee 160, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Keywords: Coral reef fauna, Hyssuridae, Anthuridae, Expanathuridae, Paranthuridae, new species


This is a first inventory of Isopoda Anthuroidea from near-shore marine sites in Sulawesi. The material was collected from reefs, sea-grass beds and mangroves of the Minahasa Peninsula in North Sulawesi. Specimens were washed out from benthos samples collected in shallow water. The new species Hyssura reptans sp. nov., Kupellonura indonesica sp. nov., Kupellonura macaroni sp. nov., Pendanthura bangkaensis sp. nov., Expanathura marcoi sp. nov., and Colanthura gerungi sp. nov. are described. We discovered that in Colanthura the mandible is fused to the cephalothorax, a unique feature among isopods. Expanathura collaris (Kensley, 1979) is described from Bangka Island and several differences between other Indo-Pacific populations are discussed.


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