New whitefly genus and species (Hemiptera, Aleyrodidae) breeding on Orophea katschallica Kurz in India

Keywords: Aleuropleurocelus, Andaman Islands, Regiominutus, Rudisculptus, Tetralicia


A new whitefly genus, Rudisculptus gen. nov. is described for its type species Rudisculptus caudalis gen.  et  sp. nov. feeding on Orophea katschallica Kurz (Annonaceae) from the Andaman Islands, India. Rudisculptus gen. nov. is similar to the New World genus, Aleuropleurocelus Drews & Sampson, 1956 and an Old World genus, Tetralicia Harrison, 1917 in pupal morphology, but differs in having the first abdominal setae, thoracic tracheal pores, caudal furrow, differentiated cephalothorax in slide mounts, the lingula excluded beyond the vasiform orifice. The new genus also differs from an Old World genus, Regiominutus Dubey, 2021 in habitus, pattern of wax secretion, shape, size, cuticle colour, raised lateral margin, extension of segment sutures and the lingula reaching outside the margin of the vasiform orifice, and in having the thoracic tracheal folds. Orophea katschallica is recorded as a new host plant for the whiteflies. Images of puparial habitus and types, line drawings and scanning electron microscope (SEM) microphotographs are provided.


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