Cyrioctea (Araneae, Zodariidae) in Africa: temperate Gondwanaland relict, recent radiation, or both?

  • Rudy C.A.M. Jocqué Royal Museum for Central Africa Leuvensesteenweg 13 3080 Tervuren
Keywords: Cyriocteinae, distribution area, complexity, identification key


Two new species of the zodariid genus Cyrioctea Simon, 1889 are described: C. sawadee sp. nov. and C. lotzi sp. nov., both only known from males. The genus now contains seven Afrotropical species and this abundance is discussed in the context of its basal situation in the family and its apparent temperate Gondwanaland distribution, which implies a much greater age of the Zodariidae than presently accepted. Unlike most taxa with a temperate Gondwana distribution, Cyrioctea boasts a high number of species with small distribution areas. This points in the direction of a recent radiation initiated after a long period of stasis.


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