A review of Atlantic deep-water species in the genus Talassia (Caenogastropoda, Vanikoridae)

Keywords: Mollusca, Gastropoda, Atlantic Ocean, W Africa, Gulf of Mexico, upper bathyal


A review was done on all species of the genus Talassia (family Vanikoridae Gray, 1840), which are known from an upper bathyal depth range in the Atlantic Ocean. Four new species are proposed: Talassia mexicana sp. nov. from the Gulf of Mexico, T. laevapex sp. nov. and T. flexisculpta sp. nov. from off Mauritania and T. rugosa sp. nov. from off Angola. Empty shells of the new species were found in sediment samples collected in habitats associated with deep-water corals. The new species were compared with the type species Talassia coriacea (Manzoni, 1868) and the deep-water species T. tenuisculpta (R.B. Watson, 1873), T. dagueneti (de Folin, 1873) and T. sandersoni (A.E. Verrill, 1884). Particularly the shape and sculpture of the protoconch show regional differences. Other specific characteristics are macro- and micro-sculpture of the teleoconch.


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