A new deepwater species of Calliopiidae, Halirages helgae (Crustacea, Amphipoda), with a synoptic table to Halirages species from the northeast Atlantic

  • Halldis Ringvold Sea Snack Norway, Løbergsveien, 5500 Bergen
  • Anne Helene Solberg Tandberg Institute of Marine Research, P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes, NO-5817 Bergen
Keywords: Amphipoda, Calliopiidae, MAREANO, northeast Atlantic, Norwegian Sea


Halirages helgae sp. nov. is recorded from the shelf slopes of the Norwegian Sea at depths of 1000 to 2600 m in the Arctic cold water masses. A total of 50 specimens were found at five stations. The species differs from other known species in the genus Halirages Boeck, 1871 by the bilobed posterior margin of pereonite 7. A synoptic table to the northeast Atlantic species of Halirages is provided.


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