New species of Palpimanus Dufour, 1820 from India (Araneae: Palpimanidae, Palpimaninae), with a catalogue of the Indian palpimanid fauna

Keywords: Distribution, grassland ecosystem, Great Indian Bustard, taxonomy, Thar Desert


Two new species of Palpimanus Dufour, 1820 are described from India: P. godawan Tripathi & Sankaran sp. nov. (♂♀), collected from the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, and P. maldhok Kuni, Tripathi & Sankaran sp. nov. (♂♀), collected from Maharashtra. Images of the endogyne and male palp of the holotype and paratype of P. narsinhmehtai Parajapati, Hun & Raval, 2021 are presented to facilitate its identification. A key to Indian species of Palpimanus and a catalogue of Indian palpimanid spiders are provided. The current distribution of all the known Indian palpimanid spiders is mapped.


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