Four new species of the subfamily Candoninae (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from freshwater habitats in Japan

Robin James Smith, Takahiro Kamiya


Three species of the genus Pseudocandona Kaufmann, 1900 and one of the genus Undulacandona Smith, 2011, collected from freshwater habitats in Japan, are described. The Pseudocandona species, Pseudocandona becca sp. nov., Pseudocandona atmeta sp. nov. and Pseudocandona falcula sp. nov., all belong to the rostrata-group. Previous reports of Pseudocandona rostrata (Brady & Norman, 1889) and Pseudocandona sarsi (Hartwig, 1899) from Japan are reassessed and are subsequently synonymized with Pseudocandona tenuirostris Hiruta & Mawatari, 2013 and Pseudocandona falcula sp. nov. respectively. Undulacandona colymba sp. nov. is only the second to be described in this genus. Like the type species of the genus, it is a stygobiont, collected from groundwater in Shiga Prefecture. Additional records of Candona candida (O.F. Müller, 1776), are presented herein; so far, Japanese records of this species are restricted to the eastern part of Hokkaido.

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