Genus Profundiconus Kuroda, 1956 (Gastropoda, Conoidea): Morphological and molecular studies, with the description of five new species from the Solomon Islands and New Caledonia

Manuel J. Tenorio, Magalie Castelin


The genus Profundiconus Kuroda, 1956 is reviewed. The morphological characters of the shell, radular tooth and internal anatomy of species in Profundiconus are discussed. In particular, we studied Profundiconus material collected by dredging in deep water during different scientific campaigns carried out in the Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. We reconstructed a phylogeny of 55 individuals based on partial mitochondrial cox1 gene sequences. The phylogeny shows several clades containing individuals that do not match any of the known species of Profundiconus based on their shell and radular morphologies, and are introduced here as five new species: Profundiconus maribelae sp. nov. from the Solomon Islands; P. virginiae sp. nov. from Chesterfield Plateau (New Caledonia); P. barazeri sp. nov. from Chesterfield Plateau and the Grand Passage area (New Caledonia); P. puillandrei sp. nov. from Norfolk Ridge (New Caledonia), Kermadec Ridge (New Zealand) and possibly Balut Island (Philippines); and P. neocaledonicus sp. nov. from New Caledonia. Furthermore, Profundiconus teramachii forma neotorquatus (da Motta, 1984) is raised to specific status as P. neotorquatus (da Motta, 1984).


Mitochondrial cox1 gene; Conoidea; Profundiconus; deep-water species; Indo-West Pacific

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