A mountain of millipedes V: three new genera of Odontopygidae from the Udzungwa mountains, Tanzania (Diplopoda, Spirostreptida, Odontopygidae)

Henrik Enghoff


Three new genera of Odontopygidae are described, all based on new species from the Udzungwa mountains, Tanzania, and all monotypic: Casuariverpa gen. nov. (type species: C. scarpa gen. et sp. nov.), Yia gen. nov. (type species: Y. geminispina gen. et sp. nov.), and Utiliverpa gen. nov. (type species: U. decapsulatrix gen. et sp. nov.). Similarities and differences between the new genera and other genera are discussed.


Eastern Arc; taxonomy; new genera; new species

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2016.221


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