A new genus and species of axiid shrimp (Crustacea, Decapoda) from a southwestern Indian Ocean seamount

  • Peter C. Dworschak Dritte Zoologische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, A 1010 Vienna
Keywords: Montanaxius mediumquod gen. et sp. nov., Axiidae, seamount, sponge associate


A new genus and species of axiid shrimp, Montanaxius mediumquod gen. et sp. nov., is described and illustrated based on three specimens collected from hexactinellid sponges from a seamount in the southwest Indian Ocean. The new genus is characterized by a laterally denticulate rostrum, short lateral carina, absence of submedian carina, a prominent toothed median carina, round pleomere pleura 2–5, pleurobranchs on second to fourth pereopods, and the presence of a male first pleopod and appendix interna on pleopods 3–5. It most closely resembles Levantocaris Galil & Clark, 1993 and Planaxius Komai & Tachikawa, 2008, but differs from the former by being gonochoristic, having a strongly elevated gastric region and well-developed eyes, and from the latter by its toothed median carina and the presence of a median telson spine.


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