A contribution to the knowledge of the genera Fissocantharis Pic, 1921 and Micropodabrus Pic, 1920 from Taiwan (Coleoptera, Cantharidae)

Limei Li, Lulu Zhang, Yuxia Yang, Yûichi Okushima


Twenty previously known species of Fissocantharis Pic, 1921 and Micropodabrus Pic, 1920 from Taiwan are illustrated and described with the genitalia of both sexes and or abdominal sternite VIII of female. The following reconfirmed combinations are proposed, Micropodabrus chujoi (Wittmer, 1972), M. mucronata (Wittmer, 1979), M. multicostata (Wittmer, 1982) and M. nodicornis (Wittmer, 1982), which were all originally described in Kandyosilis Pic, 1929. Two new species are described, Fissocantharis nigriceps Y. Yang & Okushima sp. nov. and Micropodabrus brunneipennis Y. Yang & Okushima sp. nov., which are provided with the illustrations of aedeagus and photos of male habitus.


Fissocantharis; Micropodabrus; new species; reconfirmed combination; Taiwan

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2016.243


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