Review of world genera of Ceinae, with the description of two new Palaearctic species of Spalangiopelta Masi (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae)

Mircea-Dan Mitroiu


The paper provides the first illustrated key to all described genera of Ceinae, i.e., Bohpa Darling, 1991, Cea Walker, 1837, and Spalangiopelta Masi, 1922. Based on the study of the original material, the genus Diparisca Hedqvist, 1964 stat. nov. is removed from the synonymy with Spalangiopelta and its higher classification is discussed. Spalangiopelta rameli sp. nov. and S. viridis sp. nov. are described from Greece and the Canary Islands, respectively.


Bohpa; Cea; Diparisca; Spalangiopelta; new species; parasitoid

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