Review of the clavatus group of the lanternfly genus Pyrops (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae)

Jérôme Constant, Hong-Thai Pham


The clavatus group of Pyrops Spinola, 1839 is reviewed and redefined. The new combination Pyrops atroalbus (Distant, 1918) comb. nov. is proposed, as atroalbus is reinstated as a full species from status of subspecies of Pyrops watanabei (Matsumura, 1913). Pyrops nigripennis (Chou & Wang, 1985) and Pyrops clavatus mizunumai (Sato & Nagai, 1994) are proposed as junior synonyms of P. clavatus (Westwood, 1839). The Philippine species P. polillensis (Baker, 1925) is removed from the group and not attributed to any of the currently defined species groups. Hence, the clavatus group is restricted to continental Southeast Asia and Taiwan and contains three species: P. atroalbus comb. nov., P. clavatus and P. watanabei. A key to the species of the group and illustrations of the male genitalia are provided. The intraspecific colour variation in the group is discussed and illustrated. The genus Pyrops is removed from the subfamily Fulgorinae and not attributed to any of the currently defined subfamilies of Fulgoridae.


lanternfly; Southeast Asia; Vietnam; Laos; Taiwan

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