Studies on neotropical Phasmatodea XVIII: Four new species of Lobolibethra Hennemann & Conle, 2007 from Peru and Ecuador (Phasmatodea: “Anareolatae”: Diapheromeridae)

Frank Hennemann, Oskar Conle


Four new species of Lobolibethra Hennemann & Conle, 2007 (Diapheromerinae: Diapheromerini: “Clonistria-group”) are described and illustrated. Lobolibethra carbonelli sp. nov. and L. pozuzoae sp. nov. from eastern Peru are described from both sexes and the eggs, L. tricarinata sp. nov. from southeast Ecuador is described from the female and male, and L. verruculosa sp. nov. from eastern Peru is described from the male. The previously unknown males of the Peruvian L. mainerii (Giglio-Tos, 1910) and L. mutica Hennemann & Conle, 2007 are described and illustrated. Dyme iconnicoffi Caudell, 1918 is shown to represent the previously unknown male of L. mainerii (Giglio-Tos, 1910) and is synonymised (syn. nov.). An updated key is presented for the eleven known species of Lobolibethra.


Phasmatodea; Lobolibethra; new species; descriptions; South America

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