Three new species of Helicopsyche (Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae) from northern Vietnam, with a key to Helicopsyche species of Vietnam

  • Kjell Arne Johanson
  • Hong-Thai Pham
Keywords: Vietnam, Helicopsychidae, taxonomy, Vinh Phuc, stream


Three new species of Helicopsyche Siebold, 1856 are described from Vietnam: Helicopsyche melina sp. nov., Helicopsyche meander sp. nov., and Helicopsyche lamnata sp. nov. All species were described from Melinh Station for Biodiversity in the Me Linh District of Vinh Phuc Province. The species were collected mainly in Malaise traps situated across a small stream surrounded by lowland forest. Some individuals were also collected on light in traps situated at the stream bank.


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