Review of the Swedish Enicospilus (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae; Ophioninae) with description of three new species and an illustrated key to species

  • Niklas Johansson Fredriksberg/Baskarp, 566 92 Habo
Keywords: Enicospilus, barcoding, new species, Sweden, Ophioninae


The Swedish species of Enicospilus are reviewed. Three species are described from Swedish material; Enicospilus cederbergi sp. nov., Enicospilus intermedius sp. nov. and Enicospilus ryrholmi sp. nov. Four species: Enicospilus cerebrator Aubert, 1966, Enicospilus combustus (Gravenhorst, 1829), Enicospilus merdarius (Gravenhorst, 1829) and Enicospilus myricae Broad & Shaw, 2016, are reported from Sweden for the first time. An illustrated key to the Swedish species of Enicospilus is provided. Validity of the new species is supported by DNA barcoding.


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