A revision of the spider genus Anemesia (Araneae, Cyrtaucheniidae)

Sergei Zonstein


The Central Asian spider genus Anemesia Pocock, 1895 is rediagnosed and revised. The genus was found to contain 14 species: ♂♀ A. andreevae sp. nov. (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan); ♂♀ A. birulai (Spassky, 1937) (Turkmenistan); ♂♀ A. castanea sp. nov.; ♂♀ A. incana Zonstein, 2001, ♂♀ A. infumata sp. nov.; ♂♀ A. infuscata sp. nov.; ♂♀ A. karatauvi (Andreeva, 1968) (all Tajikistan); ♂ A. koponeni Marusik, Zamani & Mirshamsi, 2014 (Iran); ♂♀ A. oxiana sp. nov.; ♂♀ A. pallida sp. nov.; ♂ A. parvula sp. nov. (all Tajikistan); ♂♀ A. pococki sp. nov. (Turkmenistan); ♂♀ A. sogdiana sp. nov. (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) and ♂♀ A. tubifex (Pocock, 1889), the type species (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan). Nine species are newly described; others are redescribed from types and/or conspecific material. Males of A. tubifex and females of A. birulai, hitherto unknown, are described for the first time. Data on the variability, relationships, distribution, and ecology of all considered species are provided.


taxonomy; burrowing spiders; Mygalomorphae; new species; ecology; Central Asia

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2018.485


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