Annotated review of Cryptocephalinae (Clytrini), Synetinae and part of Galerucinae (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) described by Carl Peter Thunberg

Jan Bezděk


The taxa of Cryptocephalinae (Clytrini), Synetinae and part of Galerucinae introduced by Carl Peter Thunberg are reviewed based on the examination of primary type specimens deposited in the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University. The following taxonomic changes are proposed: Coptocephala unifasciata unifasciata (Scopoli, 1763) = Cryptocephalus melanocephalus Thunberg, 1787 syn. nov.; Melitonoma decemnotata (Thunberg, 1787) comb. nov. (from Cryptocephalus Geoffroy, 1762); Miopristis flexuosa (Thunberg, 1821) = Miopristis namaquensis Medvedev, 1993 syn. nov.; Protoclytra (Lacordairella) taeniata (Thunberg, 1821) comb. nov. (from Camptolenes Chevrolat, 1836) = Camptolenes fastuosa (Lacordaire, 1848) syn. nov.; Smeia undata (Thunberg, 1821) comb. nov. (from Miopristis Lacordaire, 1848) = Smeia virginea (Lacordaire, 1848) syn. nov. = Melitonoma pictipennis Jacoby, 1898 syn. nov.; Teinocera catenata (Thunberg, 1821) comb. nov. (from Miopristis) = Teinocera subclathrata (Lacordaire, 1848) syn. nov.; Exosoma lusitanica (Linnaeus, 1767) = Crioceris haemorrhoa Thunberg, 1827 syn. nov.; Megalognatha festiva (Fabricius, 1781) = Crioceris virens Thunberg, 1827 syn. nov.; Monolepta bioculata (Fabricius, 1781) = Cryptocephalus bioculatus Thunberg, 1827 syn. nov.; Monolepta melanogaster (Wiedemann, 1823) = Cryptocephalus capensis Thunberg, 1827 syn. nov.; Palaeophylia tricolor (Fabricius, 1781) = Crioceris tetrapuncta Thunberg, 1787 syn. nov. = Crioceris dimidiata Thunberg, 1827 syn. nov. Lectotypes are designated for Cryptocephalus bioculatus Thunberg, 1827 and Crioceris dimidiata Thunberg, 1827. Melitonoma decemnotata comb. nov. is redescribed. Labidostomis insidiosa Péringuey, 1888 is resurrected from synonymy with Teinocera catenata comb. nov. and provisionally placed as a valid species in the genus Miopristis Lacordaire, 1848. Crioceris betulina Thunberg, 1787 is proposed as nomen oblitum for Syneta betulae (Fabricius, 1792) (nomen protectum). Colour photographs of the type specimens of all taxa are provided.


new synonymy; new combination; lectotype designation; taxonomy; Carl Peter Thunberg

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