New marine Thinophilus species (Diptera: Dolichopodidae: Hydrophorinae) from the Thai Andaman Sea coast and new records from peninsular Thailand

Abdulloh SAMOH, Chutamas SATASOOK, Patrick GROOTAERT


Three new species of Thinophilus Wahlberg, 1844 are described from marine sites on the Andaman Sea coasts in peninsular Thailand: T. inaequalis Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov. belonging to the ‘Thinophilus simplex-group’ sensu Grootaert, 2018, T. plektron Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov., an unplaced species characterised by a long flattened apical spur on the hind tibia, and T. subapicalis Samoh & Grootaert sp. nov. belonging to the ‘Thinophilus spinatus-group’ sensu Grootaert, 2018. New records are given for following species occurring in peninsular Thailand: T. apicatus Grootaert, 2018, T. chaetulosus Grootaert, 2018, T. clavatus Zhu, Yang & Masunaga, 2006, T. evenhuisi Grootaert, 2018, T. lenachanae Grootaert, 2018, T. longicilia Evenhuis & Grootaert, 2002, T. nigrilineatus Grootaert, 2018, T. simplex Grootaert, 2018, T. superbus Grootaert, 2018, and T. yeoi Grootaert, 2018.


Hydrophorinae; mangrove; new species; Thai Peninsula; Thinophilus

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