New Ptiliidae (Coleoptera) from Sarawak in the spirit collection of the Natural History Museum, London

Michael Darby


This paper is based on three collections of Ptiliidae from Sarawak totalling more than 2000 specimens made by staff and affiliates of the Natural History Museum, London, between March–July 1978. One new genus Niptella gen. nov with its type species Niptella gutta gen. et sp. nov. and 24 new species are described and figured: Sindosium collinsi sp. nov., Bambara hammondi sp. nov., Bambara subtortuosa sp. nov., Bambara tortuosa sp. nov., Erro brookei sp. nov., Cissidium globulum sp. nov., Cissidium longum sp. nov., Cissidium marshallae sp. nov., Cissidium pauxillum sp. nov., Cissidium subfoveolatum sp. nov., Cissidium triangulum sp. nov., Discheramocephalus nigritus sp. nov., Kuschelidium sarawakense sp. nov., Ptinella alisonae sp. nov., Acrotrichis acuta sp. nov., Acrotrichis belli sp. nov., Acrotrichis bidens sp. nov., Acrotrichis geiseri sp. nov., Acrotrichis globosa sp. nov., Acrotrichis hanskii sp. nov., Acrotrichis muluensis sp. nov., Acrotrichis plaga sp. nov., Storicricha resticula sp. nov., Storicricha umbella sp. nov. New records and information are provided for Dipentium latum Darby, 2019; Ptiliola semitaria Darby, 2018; Baeocrara minima Darby, 2019; Acrotrichis agricola Darby, 2019; Acrotrichis britteni Johnson, 1969; Acrotrichis bubalis Darby, 2019; Acrotrichis cognata (Matthews, 1877) and Acrotrichis cursitans (Nietner, 1856).


Coleoptera; Ptiliidae; Sarawak; new species

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