Species groups in the genus Cubitermes (Isoptera: Termitidae) defined on the basis of enteric valve morphology

Guy Josens, Jean Deligne


Seventy-four species, forms and varieties of Cubitermes Wasmann, 1906 have been studied, including taxa placed in synonymy with other species. Within this group of taxa, the enteric valve, mainly of the workers and soldiers, provided the best and the only clear-cut criteria for distinguishing some major subsets that are proposed here as species groups.The genus Cubitermes is re-described; the morphologies of the enteric valves are described in detail including the number of spatulae at the downstream end of the primary cushions; the possible presence of crests or bulges near the downstream end of the primary cushions; the overall shape of the primary cushions; the number of lateral supporting bristles; the kind of symmetry of the valve; and the structure of the secondary cushions. These characteristics are used to define nine species groups. For now, these groups have no taxonomic ranking but are helpful as regards species recognition. Identification keys for species groups are provided for soldiers and workers together with a partial key for imagines. Geographical ranges of the groups are also provided. On the basis of enteric valve morphology, some synonymies can no longer be validated: (a) C. planifrons Sjöstedt, 1924 is not a synonym of C. fungifaber (Sjöstedt, 1896); (b) C. kemneri Emerson, 1928 is not a synonym of C. zenkeri (Desneux, 1904); and (c) C. fungifaber var. elongata Sjöstedt, 1924 does not belong to the species C. fungifaber. Cubitermes planifrons and C. kemneri become valid again and C. fungifaber var. elongata is an invalid name.


termite; Blattodea; Ethiopian region; revision

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2019.515


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