Campydoroides manautei gen. et sp. nov. from New Caledonia and a reappraisal of the suborder Campydorina (Nematoda)

Oleksandr Holovachov


The new genus and species Campydoroides manautei Holovachov gen. et sp. nov. is placed in the suborder Campydorina and is characterised by a transversely striated cuticle without lateral alae, body pores or epidermal glands; somatic sensilla only on pharyngeal region and on tail; a truncate labial region with papilliform inner labial, outer labial and cephalic sensilla; a stirrup-shaped amphid with transverse slit-like opening; a conoid stoma with strongly cuticularised walls and large protrusible dorsal tooth; a cylindrical pharynx with distinct basal bulb but without valves; a large ovoid cardia; didelphic, amphidelphic female gonads with antidromously reflexed ovaries and without spermatheca; a transverse vulva; a straight vagina without pars refringens vaginae or epiptygmata; an elongate tail with caudal glands and spinneret. The new genus is similar to the genera Campydora Cobb, 1920 and Udonchus Cobb, 1913 in having papilliform labial and cephalic sensilla, a stirrup-shaped amphid with a transverse slit-like opening, a stoma with a well-developed protrusible dorsal tooth, and a muscular pharynx with a strongly developed basal bulb, but can be easily separated from both in details of a stoma morphology. The systematics of the suborder Campydorina is revised. Halirhabdolaimus Siddiqi, 2012 is synonymised with Syringolaimus de Man, 1888.


classification; fauna; morphology; revision; taxonomy

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