Two new species of Engertia Dalla Torre, 1913 and Philacelota Heller, 1900 from Indonesia and the Philippines with a revised identification key (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae)

Artem M. Prokofiev


Two new species of the leucopholine genera Engertia Dalla Torre, 1913 and Philacelota Heller, 1900 are described. Engertia allolepis sp. nov. from Ambon Island in the Moluccas, Indonesia, can be distinguished from the other species of the genus by the heterogeneous setosity on the elytra as well as by a very robust and arcuate aedeagus. Philacelota leucothea sp. nov. from Luzon Island, Philippines, differs from the other species of Philacelota in the scaled whitish vestiture of the pronotum and elytra, as well as in the unidentate protibiae and in the shape of parameres. The length of the 3rd antennomere is the only reliable character for the separation of the genera Engertia and Philacelota. A revised dichotomous key for identification of males and females of all species of Engertia and Philacelota is given. The genus Philacelota is reported from the Philippines for the first time.


scarab beetles; Engertia allolepis; Philacelota leucothea; determination key; Indo-Australian Archipelago

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