Redescription of Chrysidea pumiloides Zimmermann, 1956, and description of three new species of Chrysidea from Madagascar (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae)

Toshiharu Mita, Paolo Rosa


Chrysidea pumiloides Zimmermann, 1956 and its Malagasy allies are taxonomically revised. As a result, C. pumiloides and C. phoebe Zimmermann, 1956 are redescribed; two new species, C. vazimba sp. nov. and C. merina sp. nov., are described from museum collections, and another new species, C. rioae sp. nov., is described based on a male recently collected in Southern Madagascar, at Berenty Reserve. The habitus of the holotypes and the male genitalia are illustrated and the key to Malagasy Chrysidea Bischoff, 1913 is updated.


key to species; parasitoid; male genitalia; museum collection; taxonomy

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