The Elachistinae (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea, Elachistidae) of Thailand, with description of eight new species

Virginijus Sruoga, Lauri Kaila, Agnė Rocienė


First records of Elachistinae are given from Thailand. Ten species of Elachistinae are reported, eight of which are described as new: Urodeta longa Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., Elachista buszkoi Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., E. oryx Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., E. pellineni Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., E. capricornis Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., E. phichaiensis Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov., E. loeiensis Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov. and E. siamensis Sruoga & Kaila sp. nov. The new species are diagnosed and illustrated with photographs of the adults and genitalia. One species remains unidentified to species level.


Elachistidae; Elachista; Urodeta; new species; Thailand

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