Croton calcareus: a new species of dragon’s blood (Euphorbiaceae) from dry forest in the state of Chiapas, Mexico

Leticia Mateo-Ramírez, Ricarda Riina


We describe Croton calcareus Riina & Mateo-Ram. sp. nov., a new species in Croton section Cyclostigma (dragon’s blood trees) from the state of Chiapas (Mexico). This species is a small tree growing in dry forest on calcareous substrates. Both morphological and molecular data support C. calcareus sp. nov. as a new species closely related to C. redolens, another dry forest taxon from northern Venezuela. We provide illustrations, a distribution map and suggestions for species conservation status. The new species along with Croton draco are the only known representatives of C. section Cyclostigma occurring in Mexico.


Croton section Cyclostigma; dry forest; Euphorbiaceae; Neotropics; phylogeny

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