No 272 (2017)

A DNA barcode-based survey of terrestrial arthropods in the Society Islands of French Polynesia: host diversity within the SymbioCode Project

Thibault RAMAGE, Patricia MARTINS-SIMOES, Gladys MIALDEA, Roland ALLEMAND, Anne DUPLOUY, Pascal ROUSSE, Neil DAVIES, George K. Roderick & Sylvain CHARLAT

Section: Entomology; pp. 1-13, 1 figure, 3 tables, 28 references, 1 supplementary file;

accepted: 22 July 2016; published: 7 February 2017

Table of Contents


Thibault Ramage, Patricia Martins-Simoes, Gladys Mialdea, Roland Allemand, Anne Duplouy, Pascal Rousse, Neil Davies, George K. Roderick, Sylvain Charlat